HP 339, HP 344, XL Ink Refill Kit

Compatible ink refill kit for HP printers
Compatible ink refill kit for HP printers

100% brand new and high quality.
Simple, convenient and quick.
Solve the original cartridge expensive and complicated manual operation.
Use this kit for pumping ink, can pump out the cartridge and nozzle's air and bubbles.

Contents :
1 X 100ml Black Ink        
1 X 100ml Cyan Ink
1 X 100ml Magenta Ink
1 X 100ml Yellow Ink
5 X  10ml Syringes
4 X Syringe Needles
1 X Vacum Pump Tool

Compatible with the following HP Printers
    Deskjet 5740
    Deskjet 5740xi
    Deskjet 5743
    Deskjet 5745
    Deskjet 5748
    Deskjet 5940
    Deskjet 5943
    Deskjet 6520
    Deskjet 6540
    Deskjet 6540d
    Deskjet 6540dt
    Deskjet 6540xi
    Deskjet 6543
    Deskjet 6545
    Deskjet 6548
    Deskjet 6620
    Deskjet 6620xi
    Deskjet 6623
    Deskjet 6628
    Deskjet 6830v
    Deskjet 6840
    Deskjet 6843
    Deskjet 6848
    Deskjet 6940
    Deskjet 6940dt
    Deskjet 6980
    Deskjet 6980dt
    Deskjet 6988
    Deskjet 6988dt
    Deskjet 9800
    Deskjet 9800d
    Officejet 7130xi
    Officejet 7210
    Officejet 7213
    Officejet 7310
    Officejet 7310xi
    Officejet 7313
    Officejet 7410
    Officejet 7410xi
    Officejet 7413
    Officejet Pro K7100
    Officejet Pro K7103
    Officejet Pro K7108
    Photosmart 2570
    Photosmart 2573
    Photosmart 2575
    Photosmart 2575a
    Photosmart 2575v
    Photosmart 2575xi
    Photosmart 2605
    Photosmart 2608
    Photosmart 2610
    Photosmart 2610v
    Photosmart 2610xi
    Photosmart 2613
    Photosmart 2615
    Photosmart 2710
    Photosmart 2710xi
    Photosmart 2713
    Photosmart 8049
    Photosmart 8050
    Photosmart 8050xi
    Photosmart 8150
    Photosmart 8150v
    Photosmart 8150xi
    Photosmart 8450
    Photosmart 8450gp
    Photosmart 8450xi
    Photosmart 8453
    Photosmart 8750
    Photosmart 8750gp
    Photosmart 8753
    Photosmart D5145
    Photosmart D5155
    Photosmart D5160
    Photosmart D5163
    Photosmart D5168
    Photosmart Pro B8330
    Photosmart Pro B8338
    Photosmart Pro B8350
    Photosmart Pro B8353

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